11 Dec 2011

How to Improve your Vision

In this article, I will be sharing important tips to improve your vision. It is significant to have eyesight that is good quality. We all don’t want to wear glasses because of poor eyesight so please follow the following tips to have a better vision.
  • Stop smoking, if you smoke your vision gets affected very badly. Smoking can create making things to your eye such as dry eyes and cataracts. This is why if you’re smoking you should stop immediately because you will be damaging your vision.

  • Eat carrots, it will improve your vision by far because carrots are full of minerals and energy. Regularly eat carrots they are also great to cure stress. They decrease heart diseases and different types of cancers. 

  • Sleep often, your eyes will be resting and you won’t need to blind. This helps the eye to relax and your eye lid. When you wake up, you feel the freshness. Sleep more so the eye can relax and work its magic. 

  • Don’t eat food that are high in sugar, yes it is important that you avoid eating food that is full of sugar. It is proven by many sources the more sugar you eat; the more you will decrease your vision. Stop eating sweets and energy drinks they will affect your vision in a bad way so it’s best to avoid it.

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