5 Feb 2011

How to Decrease the size of Tonsils

There are many ways to decrease the size of tonsils and when they are decreased, pain will also be reduced. Tonsils are right at the back of your mouth, you can see them when you open your mouth open wide in front of a mirror. Tonsils come in different sizes, it depends on the person. In this article, I will be showing some useful tricks that you may want to try if you would like to decrease the size of tonsils.

Your body needs fluids, so take in more water than usual. You can even drink it when you’re not thirsty. I know it hurts when your swallow, but you will need to drink plenty of water to keep away from dehydration that can cause headaches and fevers. You can always take a paracetamol to help your tonsils on the other hand you may want to take ibuprofen because it’s much more effective than a paracetamol from a doctor’s point of view. 

If you visit your doctor with the subject of having tonsils and seeking help to reduce the pain of tonsils, he will prescribe you with antibiotics. This is another way to help your tonsils, take antibiotics that were given by your doctor because they will kill all the germs that caused you to have them in the first place.  By taking them, you will also help yourself by not spreading the viruses and the infections throughout the body.

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