8 Feb 2011

Eczema on Hands

Are you got eczema on your hands? Please don’t worry because there are many ways to get rid of. Don’t keep on looking at your hand and never ever panic. It comes and goes. You must get it treated as soon as possible, if you don’t you may get chronic hand eczema which lasts for a very long time. It really cannot be treated by having any medicine or fluids. You will be required to put the E45 cream or any other cream that smoothens up the hand. You can use lotions; use them when your hands are dry and after having a bath.

If you visit a Dermatologist, he can help you in many ways. He can supply you with great medicine such as the Ultraviolet light; it has helped many patients that suffer from hand eczema. Oil supplements and herbal medicines do tend to work at sometimes but I highly recommend you to apply cream first and to visit a Dermatologist for a high end treatment.

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