11 Jan 2011

Nokia N85: Unlocking

Would you like to run your Nokia N85 on all sim cards? Your Nokia  N85 can get blocked easily from not using the sim or travelling to another country. Follow the simple steps below to unlock your Nokia N85.

  1. Make sure the phone is on and dial *#06# and after you have done that an IMEI code will appear on your screen, write down the code so you can remember it.
  2.  Now you will need to ring your customer service and you will need to request an unlock code to unlock your Nokia N95. Remember you won’t get a code from your customer service unless you have been a user of the sim for 90 days and over. They will ask you for your IMEI code, so give the code to them.
  3.  If you haven’t been a user of the sim card, then you will need to be required to buy it online at an unlocking website. When you have given the IMEI code, the customer service will produce the unlocking code
  4.  When you have done that, please turn off your mobile and remove the battery. You will also need to replace your old sim card with your new one. When you turn your mobile back on you will see a message, it will ask you for your unlock code.
  5.  Type you unlocking code that you were given by the customer service and be patient till the phone restarts. When it has restarted, your Nokia N85 will be unlocked and you will be able to insert any sim around the world and use it.

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