13 Jan 2011

MS Word: Protecting Document with a Password

Everyone wants to protect their Microsoft Word document files, from this trick you can create your own password on the document that you want to protect. In this article, I will be showing you how to secure your document with a password with the following steps.
  1. First of all open the document that you would like to protect. You can open it by searching Microsoft Word in search or you can go to All Programmes > Microsoft Folder > Microsoft Office Word.
  2. When the document is opened, click the Review tab at the top.
  3. Select Protect Document on the right side, it should have an icon of a document and a yellow padlock.
  4. A sidebar will appear on the right, click the button “Yes, Start Enforcing Protection”. When you have clicked that a pop up will appear asking you to create a password for the document.
Remember other people who use your computer won’t be able to open the Microsoft Word Document without the password.

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