31 Jan 2011

Laptop: Water Repair

Has your laptop recently been involved with water? I will show you some useful to save your laptop from water damage when water is spilt. Please follow the simple steps below.
  • Unplug your laptop and remove the battery connected to your laptop.
  • Remove the internal battery by turning your laptop over and then slide the battery so it eventually flips out. This will prevent you from getting any shock from the electricity that has been touched with water.
  • Now place your laptop in a warm place such as next to a radiator or in the sunshine. Remember not to blow any water, this will spread the damage and the laptop will fail to respond. So it’s required to have the laptop dried up.  Make sure the battery is next to the laptop so it dries up with it.
  • In the next 24 hours, connect the battery to the laptop and insert the internal battery into the laptop. Start your laptop by pressing the ON button and be patient till it completely starts and hopefully no damage is done.

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