9 Jan 2011

Facebook: Closing Down an Account

 There are many reasons to close your account, one of the common reasons to close your facebook account is when it’s hacked. Closing down your facebook account is the best thing to do when the hacker is exploring around on your account and chatting to your friends. You can close down your account or any other account from these simple steps.

You will need the following before we can start:
  • The profile link of the account (you can get this by visiting their profile).
  • The email used to sign in to the account.
  • The date of birth used on the account (you can see this on their profile, under their name).
  • You need to create an email on yahoo or on Gmail with the first and last name of the account (this is the facebook name of the account).
To close down the account you will need to visit this LINK to start.

Type the username of the facebook account in the box “Enter your Facebook username.” Now click search button to continue.

Now you will see another screen, it will ask you for your email address. Type the email that you created in the box “Your email address”. Then choose your date of birth, if you forgot it then type a random date of birth and click submit. You have now contacted facebook and they will give you a response.
When you receive the email you need to reply them by saying you’re the account holder of (your facebook name) and you have been hacked and the hacker is chatting to my friends and is giving threats out. You will also need to say that you can’t access the account and you have no idea what to do.  

After replying to the email you will get another reply they will ask you do you have access to the email that is used to sign in with your facebook account. Reply that you have no access because the hacker also hacked that and keep complaining about the hacker on your facebook account. When that email is sent you will get an email on the same day as you sent the reply or the next day saying your facebook account is disabled.

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