12 Jan 2011

Blackberry Torch: Increasing your Battery Life

Are you fed up that your Blackberry Torch 9800 battery gets dead quickly? In this article I will be showing you how to increase your battery life, you will definitely see difference when you are using your blackberry torch.
  • First of all close your browser, it will help a lot and always remember to close it down when you’re not using it. It is recommended that it should get closed with the escape key.
  • You will also need to close your media player when it’s not being used. This will also help to increase your battery life.
  • The third way is to keep your blackberry torch on lock when it’s not being used, so when it’s in your pockets or behind your pillow please make sure it’s on lock. You can do this by pressing the lock button at the top right of your blackberry.
  • Remember to close all the applications that aren’t being used by you and close all social feeds that are coming along when you don’t have your phone in your hands.
  • Turning of the Bluetooth and the GPS will also save a lot of battery time. If you cannot find any networks where you are then please turn of the Wi-Fi because it will be useless and it will be very beneficial.

Try and remember each trick when you’re using your blackberry torch, this will increase your battery life of your Blackberry Torch 9800.

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