14 Jan 2011

BlackBerry Curve 9300: Shortcuts

There are many shorcuts for the BlackBerry Curve 9300, in this article i will be showing the important shorcuts that you may need to use on your Blackberry Curve.

  • Moving Cursor -  Placing your fingers on the tackpad and sliding them.
  • Moving back to the screen – Press the Escape key to return to the screen.
  • Finding more applications – Press the End key to view all the appications.
  • Highlighting menu item – Press the Menu key.
  • Removing highlighted item – Press the Backspace or the Delete key.
  • Locking the keyboard –  Hold the * key to lock the keyboard.
  • Unlocking the keyboard – Hold the * key with the Send key.
  • Selecting or unselecting check box – Press the Space key to select or unselect.
  • Switching applications – Hold the Menu key.
  • Checking voicemail – Hold the 1 key.
  • Turning speakerphone in a call – Press the Volume Icon on the keyboard to turn it on.
  • Turning off the speakerphone in a call – Press the Volume Icon again on the keyboard.
  • Adding @ in a email field – Press the Spacebar.
  • Turning CAP lock on  - Press the Alt key with the Right Shift key.
  • Turning CAP lock off -  Press the Shift key.
  • Replying to a message – Press the R key.
  • Writing a new message – Press the C key.

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