15 Jan 2011

Blackberry 8900: Repairing Water Damage

Is your Blackberry 8900 water damaged? Don’t worry, in this article I will be showing you how to repair your blackberry that is damaged by water. Follow the simple steps below carefully so you can get your blackberry 8900 fixed.

  1. Make sure that the Blackberry is away from the water, this is very important if you would like fix it.
  2. Secondly, switch off the Blackberry 8900 so the screen doesn’t get damaged by the water. After turning it off, get rid of the back cover and remove the battery out of the blackberry. You will also need to take out the SIM card
  3. Now you will need to blow out the water from the Blackberry 8900, you can use a vacuum to blow this out quickly.
  4. Now wrap up your blackberry with a towel and place it on the heater. Remember you will need to wrap it up carefully and make sure that you cannot see the blackberry when wrapped up. Remove the Blackberry 8900 from the heater when it’s warm enough.

Now place the phone anywhere without the battery or the sim. Insert the SIM card and the battery with the back cover. Turn on the phone and your blackberry should be repaired from water damage.

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